Mantra Vastu is one of the fastest growing reality solution providers in Western India today. Headquartered in Pune, Mantra delivers innovative solutions for all scales of reality projects.

The competitive market requires aggressive promotional skills that highlight your brand from the clutter. The volume of consumer centric data and inputs from various segments of the industry helps us to create that unique strategy that makes you stand out from the rest. Mantra offers you the best in terms of market dynamics, customer preferences, predictive modelling, analytic and flexible solutions. At Mantra we believe in the principle of “Shared Responsibility” which keeps us rooted till the completion of every project and building out loyalty to your brand. Established in 2011 with a vision “to build a strong association with 1 lakh families till 2025 for their Happy Living.”

Mantra Vastu brand is pioneered by Mr. Dinesh Jahagirdar, an experienced professional in this industry. Mantra is a young and vibrant company with deep rooted values of integrity and reliability. The league of smart young professionals guided by a strong leadership helps the company stick to these core value systems.

Meet Our Directors

Dinesh D Jahagirdar
Founder & Director

Our Vision

"To build a strong association with 1 lac families till 2030 for their HAPPY LIVING:

Shraddha Jahagirdar
Managing Director

Mantra Team

Professionals Sales Team

Our professional team of marketing strategists design plans to execute determined plans and achieve your projects marketing objectives. The well experienced groups of marketing managers at Mantra have deep understanding of the market and specific customer needs which helps in creating accurate picture of the target group that needs to be addressed.

  • Creating a well described marketing culture throughout the business
  • Extensive market study and generating project specific reports
  • Market Analysis – recognizing potential customers segments
  • Customer Relation Development
  • Envisaging and executing well planned marketing strategies
  • Media Management
  • Schedule and tight deadline controls
  • Ensuring constant customer follow-ups and feedbacks
  • Developing project schedule
  • Ensuring customer-oriented decision making

Support Team

The support team forms the backbone at Mantra. They are strong and swift working team. Who take care of high value services which include developing customer relations through Tele-marketing, post possession services and customer centric activities?

  • Conceive and conceptualize ideas and campaigns, create visually powerful designs, co-ordinate and create multi medium marketing creative• Ensure effective Tele-marketing strategy using the extensive database at Mantra
  • Ensuring complete payments from end – to – end, right from booking till closing
  • Accurate documentation of every project
  • Database Management
  • Online & offline marketing exclusively for the project which includes emails, SMS, website banners, portals, social media etc.
  • After sales service ensuring maximum customer satisfaction

Accounting Team

Mantra Account team will make it easy for you to deal with financial terms. The team will guide you and help you at every step to deal with banking and loan conditions.

  • Guidance and suggestions in taking loan from bank
  • Team will take responsibility of documentation and requirements for loan